Music for Dreams Guest Mix from Moonboots

25th September 2015
Aficionado Recordings

My regular morning commute usually consists of 5 Live’s Rachel Burden telling me how fucked our country has become; rage at the fact I’m on route to a job I hate; and speeding as I’m late for said job I hate.

Well not anymore thanks to this mix of lush Balearic wax from Aficionado Recordings boss Richard Moon. The days of aggressively changing lanes at Swan House roundabout are now a distant memory. There’s no more swearing at cyclists, no spilling coffee over the passenger seat, no weeping like a newborn child!

Instead, the air con’s been cranked up to 28, my top offs, and my morning coffee has been replaced with a Pina-Colada. Rain? what rain? The sun’s always shining in this steel shit-wagon and we’re on a one way road to Paradise. Who’s with me?

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