Northern Clobber AW15 Footwear

12th October 2015
Northern Cobbler AW15 Shoes

I bought a pair of ‘Lenok’s’ back in May and have since dubbed them my lush leathery moon-brogues. And when I say moon-brogues I don’t mean in a cloddish awkward way. I mean in a gravity-free springy-as-fuck kind of way.

If you missed them then be sure to go and hunt a pair down immediately, they’re pure class. I’m telling you, crepe cosmic comfort is where it’s at. They’re proper mad to walk in!

So what sole-tastic clogs do Northern Cobbler have in store for us this season? Well, it appears they’ve stuck with their staple crepe, and by the looks of things have also gone and wedged some latex cork up in there for good measure. Blimey!

Expect to find everything from Chukka’s, to Monk’s, to Brogues, to the mammoth soled ‘Seamoth Oxford shoe, which has so much give you’ll feel like you’re sauntering around with suspension from a John Deer tractor. Ooh Ahh

Northern Cobbler AW15 Shoes

Northern Cobbler AW15 Shoes

Northern Cobbler AW15 Shoes

Northern Ciobbler AW15 Shoes

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