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Red Wing Master Care Kit

9th December 2015
Red Wing Master Care Kit

It seems as though every man and his dog owns a pair of Red Wing Moc’s these days. That instantly recognisable silhouette is fast becoming the archetypal mens fashion boot for the masses. Personally I’ve never been a huge fan of the boots aesthetic. That said, you’ve got to hand it to Red Wing, they make great footwear and have continued to cement their dominance in recent years through developing an impressive accompaniment of leather care products. The latest being this fantastic ‘Master Care Kit’.

Now in my opinion, a healthy dose of white wine vinegar, leather honey and saddle soap is a far cheaper and equally as effective alternative. However, if you’re more of the all encompassing type, then this kit has everything you could possibly wish for to ensure your beloved boots receive the regular TLC required to keep them in prime condition throughout the winter months. Expect to find cloths, oils, brushes, polish and even a leather working mat, all of which have their own pride of place within this custom made waxed canvas mason bag.

A must have Christmas pressie for any Red Wing enthusiasts.

Red Wing Master Care Kit



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