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Proper X Mundial Mugs

20th December 2015
Proper X Mundial Mugs

Here’s some press shots of the outstanding footy mug collaboration between the North of England’s finest menswear collective ‘Proper’ and cultural soccerball rag ‘Mundial’.

A bit good aren’t they!?

You can’t buy one though, as they’re sold out. Pretty pointless post this then. I can hear Jim Bowen’s runner-up chorus echoing in my ear as I’m scrawling; ‘Here’s what you could have won’.

Still, eyeballing these brew receptacles brings back youthful memories of Italia 90 and England tears in Turin. For years many supporters and pundits alike have put that fateful defeat down to missed opportunities (penalties), the quality of the West German squad (Lother), or player emotions putting paid to their technique (penalties). Not me though, I prefer to put that painful defeat down to the German team employing adidas as their strip manufacturer. And England? Well they had Umbro in their corner. Never stood a chance did we?

England’s shortfalls aside though, the 1990 Word Cup seemed to represent the infancy of what would go on to become a vintage decade for replica shirts. A plethora of superb kits followed, which were complimented in equal measure by some absolute abominations. Manufacturers had seemingly bought into a notion that style (or lack of it as the case may be) over substance was priority. Jorge Campos’ keeper jersey in the 1994 finals being a prime example. It looked more akin to an all-nighter in Donny than a place at the international table. And while we’re on the subject, have a wild stab at who manufactured that Mexican monstrosity ….

Right, throwing all these cheap-shots towards Umbro has got me in need of strong coffee.

Any plans of a re-stock lads?

Proper X Mundial Mugs

Proper X Mundial Mugs

Proper X Mundial Mugs


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