The Real Meaning of Advent

22nd December 2015

The real meaning of advent relates to a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the arrival of wee baby Christ.

Roughly two thousand years later and this biblical hypothesis appears to have been substituted by a nations desire to go crackers and drink themselves silly for a fortnight. So if you plan on celebrating Christ’s birthday by propping up the bar most days, then you might require some new clogs in which to do so. Or that was my rational when making this frivolous Loach Boot purchase from my favourite shoemakers, Northern Cobbler.

On this occasion I didn’t make a purchase directly from their Leicester store, but instead from eBay via an Office Shoes clearance sale, where I picked them up (size 10) for a bargain £90 down from £260! The item description stated they were new, yet soiled, which led me to the conclusion I would receive a pair of boots that had been sex wee’d onto by some sweaty adolescent sales assistant. To my relief, this ‘soiling’ was in fact not some spotty cretin’s take on saddle soap and merely consisted of a few scratches to the upper. Most of which you can barely see with the naked eye.

The usual Cobbler staples are evident, including a mixed use leather and crepe sole complete with fish logo and blue leather heel detailing. In fact my only real gripe was that one of the laces snapped when applying a little pressure. Not something you would expect from new footwear. Nevertheless, after performing some entrepreneurial re-upcycling (swiping some rope laces from a pair of knackered old New Balance) they’re now set to take on the ever-changing geography that is a Tyneside boozer over the festive season.

Want a pair? Well tough. These were the last of them. However, at the time of publishing there was further Northern Cobbler footwear available at some daft cheap prices.

Worth a punt.

Loach Boot from Northern Cobbler

Loach Boot from Northern Cobbler

Loach Boot from Northern Cobbler

Loach Boot from Northern Cobbler

Loach Boot from Northern Cobbler

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