A Mans Desire for Instant Gratification

7th January 2016
Easy Earl Life Jackets

Weather peoples keep telling me it’s been unseasonably warm of this winter, which I’m down with as I’m fairly tuned into the jet stream, low pressure systems shifting north from the azores, and all other relatable meteorological vocabulary. That said, all this tropical air’s got me flummoxed when it comes to deciding what outerwear to adorn ones-self in.

It should probably be this Sakura Court Jacket from Japanese label Easy Earl Life. It’s made from proper season spanning cotton, unlike the perspiration inducing duck down parka the majority of clobber connoisseurs will be buying in the sales this week. That’s cool though, I mean dropping half a months wage on massive coat is simply known to us menswear hounds as an ‘investment piece’. Maybe so, but lets not dismiss a mans desire for instant gratification? Make the purchase, throw it on in the shop, wear it every waking hour for the next 8 weeks, get a bit bored of it, throw it in the wardrobe, buy somat else, re-discover original garm 12 months later. Repeat.

What about this mid-season outerwear then? It’s custom made for your unseasonably warm needs and just think once you’ve paid through the nose to get it shipped from Osaka we’ll be in the midst of some arctic blast so you can like never where it. Still, this is too what some like to call an investment piece, therefore if winter does decide to reveal it’s icy veil you can just hoy it in the wardrobe and it’ll keep till spring.

But what about mans desire for instant gratification …

Oh fuck it  …

Easy Earl Life Jackets

Easy Earl Life Jackets

Easy Earl Life Jackets

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