The Nick Knowles of Overalls …

4th February 2016
Filson Overalls and Bibs

In my world a bib is a plastic device worn around a baby/toddlers neck to catch the liquefied cuisine its long suffering mother has been force feeding into its angry, teething mush. This is of course all done in hope rather than expectation that by shovelling as much food as is humanly possible into its dish it may eventually cease that incessant wailing.

Apparently not though. These bibs from Filson are the grown-up version and look a hell of a lot like a pair overalls to me and also something wealthy gardening types with ‘land’ might wear.

There’s a relatively detailed description of the bibs’ features on Filson’s website. They use language such as ‘water-repellent’, ‘abrasion-resistant’, along with stating that the tan oil finished bibs below have a mind-bending 9 pockets, which would suggest they’re tailor-made for highbrow hardware buffs.

I don’t buy that though. They’re 300 notes and you can’t buy them from your local B&Q, which I would argue tilts them ever so slightly towards the catalogue of contemporary menswear. I suppose they’re like the Nick Knowles of overalls. Classically handsome and debonair (in an ‘intoxicated ken doll’ kind of way), supremely versatile, but patently afraid to get their hands dirty.

Very decent britches though.

Filson Bibs and Overalls

Filson Overalls and Bibs

Filson Overalls and Bibs

Filson Overalls and Bibs

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