New Balance ‘Explore By Sea’ Pack

8th February 2016

You probably wouldn’t want to do it in these flash New Balance 997’s though. Explore by the sea that is. I mean those suede and mesh uppers would be ruined. Instead I’d wear these classic runners on a dry spring morning whilst walking my dachshund to my local organic café for my daily fix of nicaraguan blend from the foothills of Mt Momotombo and a gluten free pecan and raisin pastry made by the hands of elves. Scenez!

The trainer features the very same panelling, signature logo, mid-soles and outer-soles as every other 997 you’ve ever bought.  The only difference is the subtle grey and orange colourway on this particularly shoe is ace. However, with this being part of a ‘pack’, which usually consists of two or more sets of colourways, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t featured it’s sibling. Well that’s because it looks a bit shit. Think Colgate toothbrush meets Celtic replica kit.

These are nice though, Go buy them @ Bureau

New Balance 'Explore By Sea' Pack

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