The ‘Everyday Wallet’ from Noise Goods

10th February 2016
Noise Goods Leather Everyday Wallet

A wallet can say a lot about a chaps constitution, in many cases more than the actual contents housed within. Unless of course the contents include half an ounce of whizz and a blockbuster video card, which would then suggest you’re from Preston and it’s 1995.

When choosing my own man-purse I tend to opt for something handmade and that fit’s snugly into my front pocket without looking like I’ve just necked a double dose of viagra. Maybe something a little sheathe-like such as these Everyday Wallets from Portuguese leather makers ‘Noise Goods‘.

Noise Goods founder Pedro Fernandes believes in creating durable, long-lasting leather goods whilst creating a better shopping experience where you can support fair trade in exchange for an authentic product. Following an examination of his own run-of-the-mill wallet Pedro looked at what improvements he felt could be made to the design and began working to create a Coin Wallet aimed at being practical, compact and appealing over time.

Continuing in a similar vein, the brands latest ‘Everyday Wallet’ has been designed to keep itself within the maximum size allowed in your jeans pocket whilst still have enough space to house your sterling, receipts, un-paid parking tickets, and the out-of-date prophylactic that’s has been festering in their since 2004.

The Everyday is constructed from a tough vegetable-tanned leather, handcrafted using local Portuguese materials and conditioned with organic beeswax in order to help preserve the leathers finish. Swish!




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