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‘Wednesday Wares’ with Lee Forster

17th February 2016

Welcome to the first of a new monthly feature on the blog entitled ‘Wednesday Wares’ where I’ll be asking fellow bloggers, menswear/music bods, and first and foremost, likeminded individuals to share their favourite wares … on a Wednesday. The categories into which these wares fall will be fairly fluid. However, with Thinking Chap ultimately being focused around the common theme of menswear and its associated sub-cultures you can expect to see recurring topics such as clothing, footwear, music, magazines and such like.

To grace our very first edition I’ve called upon North East based DJ/producer/promoter and friend of the blog ‘Lee Forster’ to share his wares with us. Some of you may know Lee as one third of DJ and production trio ‘Last Waltz’ who we’ve featured previously following their impressive releases on established labels such as ‘Is it Balearic Recordings’ and ‘Futureboogie’.

Lee’s current projects have seen him head back into the studio under his stirring ‘Lizards’ guise, as well as promoting the highly anticipated Everything’s Connected Easter Ball, which promises to be nothing short of a Castlemorton Common meets Downton Abbey encyclopaedic knee-ups.

Anyway, before we get into Lee’s wares here’s some ostentatious Q&A he convinced me to crowbar into this post.

Thinking Chap: Every time I see you you’ve got swish socks on. Where do procure such fine hosiery?

Lee: To be honest I pinch most of them from my girlfriend, Cassie.

TC: I assume the name ‘Lizards’ is your homage to Mauro Picotto’s Trance classic of the same name?

Lee: You’re a funny guy. Myself and James Hadfield who is my production and DJ partner in Lizards (and the talented one) have been known to overindulge in conspiracy theories from time to time so a few of our friends (who shall remain nameless) used to take the piss about the ‘lizards” so we thought it was quite apt.

TC: You’re getting on a bit now. What’s the secret of eternal youth?

Lee: Cassie’s socks.

TC: Your up and coming release on Leng is a bit good. What else is forthcoming production and gig wise for you guys this year?

Lee: Well thank you very much. Release wise we’ve just had something on Legend Of Gelert for LuvJam, there’s something coming out on Not An Animal Records in early March and a new bit on Futureboogie, plus remixes for Koncret Cutz and Clandestino. Dj’ing – coming up in the next month or so we have a couple of dates in Lithuania, Everything’s Connected Easter Ball (of course) and Space Ritual in York.

TC: You’ve been promoting parties in the North East for a long time. Any advice for up and coming local DJs/promotors starting out?

Lee: If you enjoy being constantly stressed then this is the job for you, otherwise don’t do it! (promoters)

TC: Promoting a multi-act event in a 12th century country house is a bit of a change in direction from what we’re used to seeing from you. What was the motivation behind ‘Everything Connected’?

Lee: It was an opportunity that landed at my feet more than anything. I didn’t actually set out to do something on a larger scale. I went to have a look at the space originally with the idea of putting something smaller on as I have done in the past with Last Waltz and the Dada party’s but when I saw the entire space and how fantastic it was I knew I had to do something a bit different, and obviously bigger. I then asked a good friend, Chris Price who runs amazing party’s in Hebden Bridge called Inkfolk and who was also responsible for putting Manuel Gottsching on down there too (which was amazing) if he’d like to get involved, which he agreed too, and the rest is history.

TC: What can we expect on the day/night? Any surprises up your sleeve? 

Lee: You can expect some fantastic music from a varied set of DJ’s such as Matthew Dear, Maurice Fulton, JG Wilkes (Optimo), Martyn and Special Request plus loads more especially northern talent. Beamish Hall itself is a beautiful place regardless of whether you’re having a party there or not so I think it’s gonna be pretty special. As for surprises you’ll just have to get yourself along and see!

Lee’s Wares:

Coat: I’m just waiting on a new Folk trench coat to be sent from one Chris Stoker which I wish he’d hurry up and send actually. Grrrrrrr.

Footwear: Black Common Projects mid-tops. Dead simple, understated and go with almost anything.

Record: Doc Scott “NHS” (disco mix) Classic, proto-jungle. Reckon this will be rediscovered soon.

Rag: Numb Magazine. Great online electronic music mag ran by people who actually give a shit.

Bite: Crisps. The cheaper the better!

The Everything’s Connected Easter Ball takes place on Sunday 27th March at Beamish Hall. For more information on the event head across to their Facebook Page.

Pick up tickets online @ NJAT

 Or purchase via your own fair hand:

 @ 586 Records  – Newcastle

@RPM – Newcastle

@ Hot Rats Records  – Sunderland

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