Clarks Originals at The Hip Store

22nd February 2016
Clarks Originals Suede Weaver Shoes in Maple

The devil is the detail, or the stitching if you’re looking at me for specifics.

I suspect my passion for elaborate stitching may originate from an ongoing admiration for all things Yuketen, who are of course, the kings of stitch! In fact, threaded subtleties are one of the main criterion I tend to judge most footwear on. More often than not understated yet creative stitching proves to be a feature that would sway me either toward, or away from buying a certain shoe.

A bit like these iconic ‘Maple Weavers’ from Clarks Originals. There’s not a hint of arrogance on show here, just the signature suede upper, crepe sole and a stitch-up that would give Jeremy Beadle and his undersized paw a run for their money. Although I’m not sure what to make of the Wallabee in anaemic green?


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