The Raglan COOLMAX Cardie from Nanamica

7th March 2016
The Raglan COOLMAX Cardie from Nanamica

I seem to struggle with the pronunciation of Nanamica. My small brain gets the N’s and M the wrong way around.  The name Nanamica actually means the house of seven seas, which in turn relates to the ancient phrase “the seven seas of the world”, and if I happened to be some kind of dexterous wordsmith then this next sentence would include some witty pun linking said phrase to this cardigan, but I’m not, so it doesn’t. After all, it’s merely cotton knitwear featuring some breathable COOLMAX pannelling.

Now despite sounding like a shit sugar free soft drink, COOLMAX is actually a fabric that’s so important it must always be spelt using capital letters. Furthermore, this specially-engineered polyester allows sweat to evaporate quickly from the skin during physical exertion therefore keeping the wearer dry, which correct me if I’m wrong seems a fairly pointless addition to a cardigan. 

Anyway, if you’re all about dropping 150 notes on moisture-wicking knitwear then check out these slight Japanese fellas over at Strato, one of which is sporting the most expertly pleated slacks I’ve ever seen.

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