March Hunting Jackets from Monitaly

24th March 2016

March is a strange month for menswear. There’s always loads of new season wares to invest in yet it’s two cold to actually wear any of them. Very much like this Vancloth Hunting Jacket from Monitaly which slots neatly into this between seasons no-mans land.

Founded and conceived by Yuki Matsuda (of Yuketen fame) Monitaly share similar values to most other independent Japanese headed menswear brands with a focus on re-contextualization American heritage products. Think military and utility stylised clothing twinned with clever understated detailing. It’s nothing particularly groundbreaking, but they don’t half do it well.

This coat is made from an exclusive waterproof cotton poplin from Los Angeles’ Vancloth & Sons and features two large chest pockets, a pleated front and cinches on the hem. It’s the kind of utility outerwear I would usually buy in a heartbeat as it would go with just about anything. However, the inclusion of snap buttons just isn’t to my taste. I appreciate snaps happen to be a mainstay of traditional hunting jackets, but if the I had the choice I’d always be opting for a flap button closure.

All things consider though, it’s a decent spring/summer all-rounder and currently retailing at a reasonable £265 over at the Bureau.

 Vancloth Hunting Jacket from Monitaly

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