The Motivation You’ve Been Searching for …

11th April 2016

Still need to burn off those Wispa Easter Eggs you polished off over the bank holiday weekend? Then here’s the motivation you’ve been searching for;

Do some exercise you shithouse; enter a half-marathon and raise £500 for Barnardo’s; get your boss to match your ‘Just Giving’ total; fain achilles injury post run and get your doctor to sign you off work for a fortnight; spend 450 quid of bosses donation on these mad specs from OAMC Optics; sit in the spring sunshine wearing your newly acquired gigs drinking a bottle of suds; buy the local drunk a 4 pack of Kestrel.

Hey presto! You’re skint, a stone lighter and a fucking hero!

Now we’ve cleared that up, anyone remember from those metal glasses you were made to wear during eye-tests in the early 90s? The ones where the optometrist dropped different lenses into them and then asked you to read that massive ‘E’ on the chart. Well these look a lot like them, apart from they’ve got far more street-cred in their arsenal.

Now the product description for these CWM Cable Sunglasses has greater word count than my last three posts combined, and to say it’s way laid with technical garb that I have a little, or no comprehension of would be an huge understatement. However, as a dude with a keen interest in the topography of the Himalayas I was fascinated to learn that these frames were inspired by the first ascents of Everest’s Western CWM (pronounced ‘coom’), which is a gently rising glacial valley known for it’s a clear, windless days that can make it incredibly hot for climbers. Hence the need for such heavy duty eyewear.

Accessories and geographies, and all in under 300 words. Never say I never do nowt for you.



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