The Final Engineered Garments SS16 Delivery

18th April 2016

Fix up, look sharp! The Bureau’s final spring/summer Engineered Garments delivery is through the door and on the racks, or perhaps through the door and on the internet machine is the more appropriate terminology these days.

Avid fans of the Bureau will know that their final EG delivery is usually the one worth waiting for; littered with nyco fabric parka’s, poplin cagoules and proper dungarees available in their staple navy, olive and chambray finery. Expect all the usual trappings such as massive hoods, obscure zip closures, multiple drawstrings and more pockets than any grown man could ever possibly need.

Anyway, if you’re after any of this lot I would strongly advise getting a shift on as it’s bound to disappear faster than a tin of Ambrosia from Vanessa Feltz’s handbag.












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