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Wednesday Wares with Turbo Island’s Christopher Wright

20th April 2016
Chris Wright Turbo Island Interview

Not content on featuring his obscure take on band tees every couple of months, we’ve laid siege to Christopher Wright’s email inbox to the point where he’s finally agreed to share his Wednesday Wares with us on the proviso we’ll now fuck off and leave him be. Actually, that’s a complete lie. I just told Chris tees were dead good, asked him whether he’d be up for partaking and thankfully he not only agreed but also took the time to provide us with a selection of truly bona fide wares.

The man behind the ever impressive Turbo Island tees brand has been breathing new life into music merchandise for the past two years, combining oddball illustrations, playful parodies and daft quips with his diverse and downright decorous musical tastes. The fruits of his labour have become arguably the most credible music t-shirts your likely to find and have in turn gained Chris a cult following among the nations more cultured musical community.

So as promised, here’s a small insight into mind of a man responsible for confessions of a lay-by and other such hilarity.


My beloved Bongwater tee. An early eBay find. Think it’d fetch a lot more now than the £15 I paid for it then. It’s terribly composed, I love it. The words “Power Of Pussy” are spelt out in cartoon naked ladies. It’s rather grubby these days. It’s a fantastic album too.


I get through about 5 pairs a year because I have a funny walk. Never had one pair long enough to get too attached. Lets say my first pair that weren’t from Clarks. My very feminine Reebok “Hexalites” that I begged for in 1992.



‘You’re Living All Over Me’ by Dinosaur Jr has been a firm favourite since I was a teenager. In more recent times I listen to lots of Felt, Prefab Sprout, Cleaners From Venus and Orange Juice. If I had to choose one song right now then I’d go for “Nothing On” by The Flaming Tunes. Proper sad …


DORX. It’s a new comic by my good pal Timmy Ryan. I think issue 2 is on the horizon. Arseholes for Eyeballs! The only thing better than the storyline are the illustrations.


I spent the majority of my life eating lots of crisps. I must be made out of them. I’m better behaved with food these days. I love a bit of Sashimi. I think about that film “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi” quite a bit.


A big shout out to the Salt & Pepper museum in Guadalest, near Benidorm. My favourite place in the World right now. Here’s just a small percentage of what they had…

All Chris’ t-shirts and illustrations can be found over at Turbo Island.

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