Any Yuketeer worth his Salt ..

5th May 2016
Yuketen V Chianti All Handsewn Maine Guide Ox'

The ‘Chianti’, or the ‘V Chianti All Handsewn Maine Guide Ox’ to give them their Sunday name is not a handle that exactly slips off the tongue now is it. But lets be honest, who actually gives a shit what their shoes are called. Furthermore, set aside this lengthy appellation and you’ve got a pair of Yuk’s that reek of full-bodied stitching and a familiar beefy price tag.

These testosterone fuelled moccasins feature a hefty Vibram sole that makes them gargantuan to the point of ridicule. However, look beyond the fact they’re massive red clodhoppers and any seasoned Yuketeer worth his salt will know such footwear represents an appreciation of the skilled artisans who produce these handmade wonders. I mean just take a moment to study them, breath them in, caress them, admire their craftsmanship. Now tell me what you see? Rust calf leather uppers perhaps? rawhide laces? Intricate stitch detailing? Are you yearning for them yet? I thought so. Menswear’s a funny old game.


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