In My Minds Eye I Could Probably Pull This off …

23rd May 2016

In my tiny minds eye I’m one of these dudes, immersed in Tokyo’s many fashion sub-cultures and rigged-out in threads from the cities most notable menswear labels. In every other person minds eye I’m a colossal thunder-cunt prancing around in a dressing gown cursing the very day this gastro-pub sold-out of its haggis and quails egg toasties.

This ludicrous aesthetic is the work of Ohh! Nisica, a sub-arm of Harajuku based brand Nisica who manufacture your customary Japanese-ified utility workwear. Translating the Japanese description of these robe jackets proved typically problematic, but through the sea of back to front sentences I manage to established that they are in fact made from 100% cotton, oversized and have two massive front pockets. But you had probably already worked that out from the pictures, which by the way when stared at for a very long time reveal a vision of Boy George bobbing for apples at Henley Regatta, a bit like an innuendo-laden beyond camp magic eye.

Although don’t be mislead by my mockery, I do like these jackets and am merely seeking superficial reassurance from someone, anyone, who will confirm I can wear one down The Forth without looking like an astounding nitwit!

Ohh! Nisica Striped Robe Jacket



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