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Talking Wednesday Wares With Ryan Shaw

25th May 2016

Put your hands together for long lost friend of the blog, deck botherer, trainer aficionado and all round music magnate Ryan Shaw. Amongst other record related stuff Ryan is most commonly known for being head boss-man at Mastersounds who manufacture an extensive range of audio accessories for the vinyl enthusiast, including his pioneering turntable weights that are fast becoming the industry standard having received countless plaudits from some of the worlds most respected wax spinners. Given such impressive credentials we thought you might like to learn what wares a guy who fiddles around with chunks of shiny metal all day might adorn himself with …


I still have a few of my old skateboarding t-shirts which I treasure. My favourite one is from Morrison on New Deal and I still wear it now, god knows how big it looked back then! (I blame being into the Happy Mondays at the time).

Wednesday Wares with Ryan Shaw from Mastersounds


I have had zillions of trainers over the years, but it will have to go back to my 1st pair of Vans high tops which I bought with pocket money from Split Skates in Manchester, must have been around 1990 or something. Since then I have had so many pairs I have lost count, including loads of special editions, after a while they all fall to bits. Right now I have a couple of pairs of Converse CTS X Santa Cruz which are cool. I also like Common Projects for their understated look so I have had maybe 4 or 5 pairs. I have moved over to Nike SB recently for everyday use as they are slightly wider and just so comfy.


It’s ultra difficult to name a particular record as I have so many across pretty much every genre (I spent 5 years working in record shops before starting MasterSounds), funk, soul, disco, house, techno, avant, prog, rock, ska, punk, roots, reggae and everything else in-between! Lou Reed – Berlin just jumped into my mind, so let’s go with that. My uncle gave me the album along with his lovely Quad 33/303 pre/power amp and Kef 104 loudspeakers. Real nice 1970’s HIFI setup also with a lovely ERA turntable with SME tonearm.


I tend to follow Fact Magazine and The Vinyl Factory online as they’re handy for keeping up to date with what’s going on in my industry. I also buy the odd classic car magazine, I love the design of classic cars as they were all hand built by real craftsmen.


I really love my food. Some of it healthy and some of it practically heart stopping. I have always had a soft spot for Japanese and Thai flavours, however you just can’t beat a good old Sunday roast followed by sticky toffee pudding or chocolate fondant.

Something else (Shameless Plug)

My company MasterSounds manufacturers “audio accessories for the vinyl enthusiast”. Take a look at what I do at




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