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    ‘Socks – The Rule Book’ by Mitchell Beazley

    16th May 2016
    'Socks - The Rule Book' by Mitchell Beazley

    When I’m not working for the man, or on the blog, I occasionally find the time to read real life proper physical publications. My literature of choice tends to be centred around the common themes of menswear and music, preferably written in a style that I find to be both informative and mildly amusing.  This book by Mitchel Beazley entitled ‘Socks – The Rule Book’ is certainly not the latter. However, any blokes who appreciate well-made hosiery (which is most these days) will find this book contains some…

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  • YMC Paisley Bomber SS16
    Accessories Clothes

    Is This YMC’s Best Work Since …

    … that multi-coloured Fair Isle Cardigan they did a few years ago? Remember it? It was one of those shawl cardies that I’d nearly always avoid, yet this one was fucking ace and had a mad striped fairisle pattern with…

    25th April 2016
  • Accessories

    The Motivation You’ve Been Searching for …

    Still need to burn off those Wispa Easter Eggs you polished off over the bank holiday weekend? Then here’s the motivation you’ve been searching for; Do some exercise you shithouse; enter a half-marathon and raise £500 for Barnardo’s;…

    11th April 2016
  • Need Supply Co. Spring 16 Lookbook
    Accessories Clothes Footwear

    Need Supply Co. Spring 16 Lookbook

    Nothing says spring like a lad who’s been off his lips all weekend sat on a stool holding a bunch of knackered fressia’s. Still, his garms look well in an urban, angsty, alt-rock sort of way. Such lookbooks like…

    30th March 2016
  • Cotton wool tweed cap from Kapital

    Growing Old Gracefully.

    I’m totally on board with getting old, it’s an inevitability that simply must be embraced. Fail to accept your maturing exterior and you could well look like Francis Rossi by the time pension age is reached, which is enough put anyone off their…

    21st March 2016
  • Noise Goods Leather Everyday Wallet

    The ‘Everyday Wallet’ from Noise Goods

    A wallet can say a lot about a chaps constitution, in many cases more than the actual contents housed within. Unless of course the contents include half an ounce of whizz and a blockbuster…

    10th February 2016
  • Christopher Raeburn Orangutan Rucksack

    The Monkey on Your Back

    Putting common idiomatic expressions to one side for a moment, here’s  something which has undoubtedly been on every mans wish list since the beginning of time. And no it’s not one of those Nigel…

    29th January 2016