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  • Mamnick Clothing and Accessories
    Accessories Clothes Design

    Stocking Fillers from Mamnick

    Anybody remember that post I published on the ‘Hope Cap’ from those peak district menswear practitioners, Mamnick. Well, if you missed it just follow that blue link above, which is an attempt to plug the original…

    14th December 2015
  • Red Wing Master Care Kit
    Accessories Footwear

    Red Wing Master Care Kit

    It seems as though every man and his dog owns a pair of Red Wing Moc’s these days. That instantly recognisable silhouette is fast becoming the archetypal mens fashion boot for the masses. Personally…

    9th December 2015
  • Wool Beanie Hats Inis Meáin

    Winter Kite-Warmers from Inis Meáin

    If you believe everything you read on the Daily Mirror’s social media platforms you could be forgiven for thinking we’ve got some kind of apocalyptic record breaking cold spell around the corner that will…

    12th November 2015
  • Anonymous Ism Fair Isle Socks

    There Will Be No Soiling These Socks

    My missus is a big advocate of my on-going investment in expensive hosiery. No longer is she be subjected to a Deerhunter style game of Russian of roulette where by it’s a pure lottery…

    28th October 2015