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    I’ve Been Hitting the Bottle Over the Weekend

    13th April 2015

    Just imagine bringing all the iconic glass bottles & jars from your youth to life (or onto your living room wall anyway) in wonderful watercolour. Well now you can, courtesy of Newcastle based Blake’s Bottles, who’s work I’ve been appreciating over the weekend. Freelance artist Lucy Blake has created a selection of nigh on edible watercolour originals that take me back to the days of toast lathered in Robertson’s Golden Shred and proper salted butter. All Lucy’s works are available…

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  • briebok t shirts
    Art Clothes

    T-Shirt Tuesday: Sports Cheeses

    It’s Tuesday, which can only mean one thing, more T-Shirts, and to help us in our search for alternative tees we’ve turned to Bristol arty types and witty illustrators Chris Wright and his sister that’s in fact…

    14th October 2014
  • Art Lifestyle

    Taxidermy Problems

    Being employed as Taxidermist, now that’s a job! Shoving your hand up animals arses all day to pull out their flesh and adjusting them into positions that make them look happy and content. Trying…

    3rd October 2014
  • ti2_1
    Art Clothes

    ‘Ron Hardy Jacks You’ Tee from Turbo Island

    Taking its name from Bristols colourful ‘meeting spot for the homeless’, musically influenced clothing brand ‘Turbo Island has really grabbed my (snobbish) attention since it’s inception back in April this year. Brainchild of illustrator…

    17th September 2014
  • 1-2
    Art Design

    3Doodler – The first 3D Printing Pen

    Spirograph, Etch-A-Sketch, Pictionary were all two-dimensional arty toys/games that kept me mildly amused during my youth. Fast forward 20 years and the worlds gone 3D mad; 3D film, computer games, TV’s; I mean before you…

    8th September 2014