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  • anderson-boogie-nights-cast
    Art Funny Stuff

    Boogie Nights – Little Bill Driveway Scene

    Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1997 masterpiece ‘Boogie Nights’ really captured the essence of the porn industry and associated drug use during the early 80’s. I gave the another watch over the weekend and the cast is…

    2nd July 2014
  • Sonar Festival Images & Artwork
    Art Music

    Sonar Images & Artwork

    Over the past week I’ve paid numerous visits to, I’m not sure know why I keep doing this as it’s just making me cheesed off that I will not be venturing to the Catalan…

    12th June 2014
  • Art Design

    Mr Mueck At His Weird and Wonderful Best!

    Today signalled a return to the corporate gravy train for many of us and to compound my misery I was informed that Ron Mueck’s latest exhibition of life like human sculptures, is no longer showing…

    6th January 2014