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    Proper X Mundial Mugs

    20th December 2015
    Proper X Mundial Mugs

    Here’s some press shots of the outstanding footy mug collaboration between the North of England’s finest menswear collective ‘Proper’ and cultural soccerball rag ‘Mundial’. A bit good aren’t they!? You can’t buy one though, as they’re sold out. Pretty pointless post this then. I can hear Jim Bowen’s runner-up chorus echoing in my ear as I’m scrawling; ‘Here’s what you could have won’. Still, eyeballing these brew receptacles brings back youthful memories of Italia 90 and England tears in Turin.…

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  • Mamnick Clothing and Accessories
    Accessories Clothes Design

    Stocking Fillers from Mamnick

    Anybody remember that post I published on the ‘Hope Cap’ from those peak district menswear practitioners, Mamnick. Well, if you missed it just follow that blue link above, which is an attempt to plug the original…

    14th December 2015
  • bobo choses guess who's coming for breakfast mugs
    Design Lifestyle

    Fruity Mugs from Bobo Choses

    Bobo Choses strap-line is: ”once upon a time there was a brand that spoke the language that children speak”, which suits me down to the ground as my vocabulary is utter childlike nonsense at the best…

    2nd September 2015
  • Design Lifestyle

    Brooks England – Bicycle Tool Kit

    Keen cyclists, those who got a bike for Christmas and are irritatingly overflowing with good intentions, or perhaps just anyone who like a gadgets. Listen up and take note … The days of carting…

    22nd January 2015
  • Design

    Nothing says ‘I Like You’ like …

    I’m not usually one for decorative scatter cushions, but this canny little pillow from cartoonist Gemma Correll caught my eye a few months ago, and lone behold they’ve now printed this candid illustration on a nice…

    18th December 2014