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  • Banton Frameworks Wood Specs
    Accessories Design

    Original Wooden Specs from Scotlands Banton Frameworks

    Comparisons could be made between owning a pair spectacles and being in a ‘loving’ relationship. You spend months trying pairs on until finally you find those gigs that feel just right (cue an overwhelming feeling of nervous excitement). There’s a desire to spend every waking hour in your new…

    12th September 2014
  • 1-2
    Art Design

    3Doodler – The first 3D Printing Pen

    Spirograph, Etch-A-Sketch, Pictionary were all two-dimensional arty toys/games that kept me mildly amused during my youth. Fast forward 20 years and the worlds gone 3D mad; 3D film, computer games, TV’s; I mean before you…

    8th September 2014
  • The Beer Tea Towel
    Design Lifestyle

    The Beer Tea Towel from Howkapow

    Since moving house a few months back I seem to have developed a bit of a thing for needless homeware and continuing that trend I’m right into this tea towel from designer Stuart Gardiner.…

    18th August 2014
  • Design Lifestyle

    The Power of Advertising …

    I would like to think I’m someone who’s reasonably aware of the worlds key social and environmental issues, although I must admit to doing very little to combat them. Taking the recycling out is about my…

    28th July 2014
  • p6550_column_grid_12
    Design Funny Stuff

    The Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter

    Le tour de France, tour de Yorkshire , yellow jerseys, green jerseys  blah, blah, blah. Now le tour de Bolognese with mushrooms, black olives and a cheesy crust … that’s what I’m talking about. Take a tour of…

    10th July 2014
  • 10939014-1400689269-852763
    Design Lifestyle

    The Smartphone Projector from IWOOT

    I do love trawling the internet for snit-naks, gadgets and novelty crap that’s of very little use to anyone. However, today I’ve seen this interesting little contraption which on face value looks like something…

    4th June 2014