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    The X Factor V’s Stars In Their Eyes

    TV talent shows are the scourge of a generation, none more so than the ITV’s primetime melodrama for the underclasses ‘X-Factor’. The shows so called judges sit in their ivory towers completely disconnected from…

    19th February 2014
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    Love, Lunch & A Larry Levan!

    Anyone dug deep for that a generic Valentines gift yet? No, me neither. I always feel somewhat disgruntled having to spend my lunch break (widely regarding as time for eating lunch) running around with a…

    12th February 2014
  • dick-tea-pot
    Funny Stuff

    Need A New Kettle?

    Recently moving house seems to have resulted in me loosing a shit load of stuff. One of these missing items being that key kitchen appliance, the kettle. After yet another weekend of heating water in…

    3rd February 2014
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    Why Not Get Creative With Your Crapper

    I don’t think I’m alone here when saying I like to spend a bit of quality ‘me’ time on the bog. The lavatory is a great place for reflection and contemplating ones own existence.…

    19th January 2014
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    Funny Stuff

    Obscure Record Sleeves …

    Anyone else having a Lazy Sunday? The papers, scrambled eggs/smoked salmon bagels (Phwoarr) and one of my favourite pastimes; searching the internet for general oddness! Todays selection of oddities are some of the most…

    12th January 2014