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    Talking Wednesday Wares With Ryan Shaw

    25th May 2016

    Put your hands together for long lost friend of the blog, deck botherer, trainer aficionado and all round music magnate Ryan Shaw. Amongst other record related stuff Ryan is most commonly known for being head boss-man at Mastersounds who manufacture an extensive range of audio accessories for the vinyl enthusiast, including his pioneering turntable weights that are fast becoming the industry standard having received countless plaudits from some of the worlds most respected wax spinners. Given such impressive credentials we thought you might like to learn what wares a guy who fiddles around with chunks of…

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  • Beats In Space #823 Mark Seven Mix

    Beats In Space #823 Mark Seven Mix

    It’s been an age since we posted a mix on here, so here’s something good courtesy of Tim Sweeney’s now legendary Tuesday night ‘Beats In Space’ show. At this juncture I could fabricate some elaborate tale as to…

    29th April 2016
  • Music

    An Exclusive EP Preview From ‘The Great Curve’

    In theory, running a blog or similar social platform allows you to share stuff you love, loath, or merely have an opinion on with millions of people around globe. However, in reality most peoples blogs…

    11th March 2016
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    ‘Wednesday Wares’ with Lee Forster

    Welcome to the first of a new monthly feature on the blog entitled ‘Wednesday Wares’ where I’ll be asking fellow bloggers, menswear/music bods, and first and foremost, likeminded individuals to share their favourite wares…

    17th February 2016
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    London Collections 2016 Highlights

    It’s that time of year again when a bunch of skinny blokes get dressed up in nice new contemporary threads and come over all effeminate. And no it’s not the trailer for the ‘Danish Girl’, it is of course last weeks AW16 London Collections…

    19th January 2016
  • Music

    Lizards. The North East’s Answer to Mel & Kim

    On the 12th October 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered the America’s, and 523 years on from that notable date in history North East glamour things Lee Forster (Last Waltz) & James Hadfield (Elizabeth Collective) discovered…

    13th October 2015