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    Grandbrother ‘KEYS’ Mix from Oki-ni

    I featured German duo Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel (aka Grandbrothers) on the blog back in February 2014 following the release of their ‘Ezra Was Right’ EP. Since that point I’ve been impatiently awaiting the…

    10th April 2015
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    Iron Curtis – ‘Care’ EP on Hudds Trax

    Ahh Cleck-Hudder’s-Fax, Gods country! Noted for it’s industrial heritage, rugby league, and spawning football journeyman Danny Cadamarteri (you remember him. played for Everton, had a right shit haircut, nicknamed ‘the squid’). Average 90’s footballers aside, West Yorkshire’s not-so golden…

    13th February 2015
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    Kate Bush – ’50 Words for Snow’

    I seem to have re-discovered my affinity for ’50 words for Snow‘ this week. Maybe it’s all this weather we’ve been having, or the fact that Bush has been in the media lately following…

    15th January 2015
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    Review: 10 Of The Best from 2014

    Seeing as it’s roughly a year since I started the blog, I thought it only right to throw together an obligatory end of year ‘best of’ list, which is actually just shameful excuse to…

    30th December 2014
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    Manchester’s Riotous Yuletide Knees Up

    I suspect everyone’s celebrated Baby Christ’s birthday with befitting verve, merriment and customary excess (and rightly so). However, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say there’s only so much ‘Carols from Kings’, one…

    25th December 2014
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    Roy Comanchero – Lucid Memory EP

    I’m sure you can appreciate how I was drawn to a record sleeve featuring a Pugs head emerging from the roof of a Cadillac. However, in over a decade of collecting vinyl, experience tells me…

    5th December 2014