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    Adidas Originals’ Hamburg Gore-Tex Pack

    17th November 2015
    Adidas Originals’ Hamburg Gore-Tex Pack

    The City series. Widely regarded as one of adidas’ most iconic silhouettes. That obligatory gum-sole just reeks of the 80s, which knowledgeable trainerist’s have deemed a vintage decade. Now there would be little point in exploring the series’ evolution since it’s initial release back in 1982. For starters they haven’t changed much. I mean why would you change them. And secondly, the fact you’re even reading this post probably means know the drill when it comes to the Hamburg’s various…

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    Philip Browne’s Summer Menswear Sale

    Righteo, it’s summer sale time and Norwich’s finest clothing establishment Phillip Browne has got some bargains for you to get your grubby little mitts on while it’s still balmy and muggy enough to wear them…

    27th June 2014