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    There Will Be No Soiling These Socks

    28th October 2015
    Anonymous Ism Fair Isle Socks

    My missus is a big advocate of my on-going investment in expensive hosiery. No longer is she be subjected to a Deerhunter style game of Russian of roulette where by it’s a pure lottery as to whether that stray behind the washing basket has been pleasured into. Oh aye, Walken and De Niro had it easy when compared to this messy game of chance. However, at twenty quid a pair there will be no soiling these Anonymous Ism … Ism’s.…

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    Autumnal Warmers @ Slow Down Joe

    I know it’s only August, but I think I’m a bit done with SS15. I’m not saying that it hasn’t been a good season with great stock, as it most definitely has. But I’m just…

    13th August 2015