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    Several Co. AW15 Lookbook

    31st October 2015
    Several Clothing AW15 Lookbook

    That there London’s premier hipster outfitters ‘Several’ have just released their new autumn/winter lookbook, and who better to front their flash modish threads than a dead ringer for a decidedly fresh faced Paul Weller. The shoot features young Weller on location at an array of differing backdrops, including this one below of him perched upon some railings at a roundabout moments after receiving a half-eaten corned beef pasty square in the dish from a passing motorist. Urbanz! Amongst others wee Weller is…

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  • Gitman Vintage Flannel Shirts To Buy Autumn Winter 2015

    Fall Flannels from Gitman Vintage

    Who’s old enough to remember Scatman John (god rest his soul)? You know him. Produced euro-pop shite in the 90s, wore a daft hat, sported a Bavarian moustache. Well, John always struck me as the…

    19th October 2015
  • Visvim AW15 Native Blanket Shirt

    Visvim Go All Native up in the Place

    Someone who knows a lot more than me about menswear reckons Visvim has become one of Japan’s most highly sought after and influential brands over the past few years. And, with Egyptian cotton shirting complete…

    15th October 2015
  • Northern Cobbler AW15 Shoes

    Northern Clobber AW15 Footwear

    I bought a pair of ‘Lenok’s’ back in May and have since dubbed them my lush leathery moon-brogues. And when I say moon-brogues I don’t mean in a cloddish awkward way. I mean in a gravity-free springy-as-fuck…

    12th October 2015
  • Clothes Footwear

    End. AW15 Lookbook

    With a new store on the horizon and now this flash lookbook shot and styled on location in Newcastle’s Grade I listed Tyne Theatre, world domination surely beckons for End. They’ve certainly brought out…

    6th October 2015
  • Clothes

    Engineered Garments AW15 Highland Parka’s

    Every winter season sees EG release new versions of their Highland Parka, and every year they piss all over the competition. But this season Daiki and his band of contemporary brothers have really pushed the boat…

    22nd September 2015
  • Universal Works AW15 Collection Lookbook

    Universal Works AW15 Lookbook

    Universal Works appears to be one of a string of brands jumping on the grey fox bandwagon. Contemporary menswear clothiers appear to be calling on the services of your more mature cool cat with…

    21st September 2015