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    If I Could Design My Own Backpack …

    26th October 2015
    Topo Designs Mountain Backpack

    … it would look a lot like this Mountain Pack from Topo. Their latest rucksack release is a perfect morph between a technical mountaineering bag and a shove-your-laptop-and-butties-in-it-and-leg-it-for-the-bus … bag. And, that’s exactly what Colorado’s finest receptacle raconteurs have accomplished. They’ve designed a bag that’s fit for purpose, any day of the week. As with all things with Topo these packs are easier on the eye than Adrian in Rocky II. That said, only the bit when Rocky’s got coin…

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  • master piece backpacks and tote bags to buy

    Masterpieces from Master Piece

    Oh to be a student again, walloping my first loan installment on one of these Master Piece bags as I await the approval of last terms hardship loan application. Ah the heady days of…

    1st September 2015
  • Kapital Bags and Accessories

    The Last of The Japanese Roll Tops ….

    Is just me or did Daniel Day Lewis bear a striking resemblance to Michael Bolton when he starred in ‘The Last of the Mohican’s’? Anyone else see that? Maybe I’m just mistaking a likeness…

    6th July 2015
  • Accessories Lifestyle

    Carhartt Essentials Travel Bag

    Any notion of getting my hands the ‘South 2 West 8’ Hunters Field Bag currently giving me the come-on in Oi Polloi sale has been firmly dispelled due to that fact I’ve spent most…

    25th June 2015
  • dsc7794
    Accessories Lifestyle

    Spring/Summer Backpacks @ YKRA

    If you’re a regular visitor to the blog you’ll know that we don’t half like a backpack, and our latest post features these colourful canvas carriers from Budapest bag buffs ‘YKRA’, who’ve provided me…

    5th February 2015