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    Where Will You Be Casting your Vote?

    5th May 2015

    May 7th is upon us. It’s decision time. We’ve heard all the manifesto’s, cheap shots and soon to be broken promises. So the question is, where you will be casting your vote? Living and working in the North East, Labour would seem the obvious choice. However, steady Eddie hasn’t exactly endeared himself to me with his sharp¬†wit, infectious charisma and almost going arse-over-it on last weeks live question time debate. But what’s the alternative? Cameron’s insincere oversized moon dish. The…

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  • Sperry Topsider Canvas CVO Sneaker

    Sperry Top-Siders – Canvas Boat Shoes

    My first pair of ‘Sperry Top-Siders’ arrived in the post a few weeks back and I have to say I’m well chuffed with my purchase. The Massachusetts footwear brand are noted for being the…

    11th July 2014