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    Oh, Happy Fathers Day …

    23rd May 2014
    Greeting Card & Gift Design

    More lighthearted Friday lunchtime business for you today. I’ve just ordered one of these cards for my old boy. Firstly, apologies for all the fathers day plugs on the blog this week, you see I forgot my old man’s birthday the other week and I’m keen to redeem myself in order to edge my younger sibling out of the old mans inheritance. Apart from there ain’t any … because he’s spent it all on holidays the massive twat! Oh and…

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  • Alessi Melodic Kettle By Richard Sapper
    Design Lifestyle

    Original Tea-Ware from Bouf

    My flat is littered with decorative teapots (it’s one of my better half’s fixations). When I have my mates around she’ll give me clear orders beforehand; ‘Make sure no one touches my teapots’. What does…

    3rd March 2014