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    Any Yuketeer worth his Salt ..

    5th May 2016
    Yuketen V Chianti All Handsewn Maine Guide Ox'

    The ‘Chianti’, or the ‘V Chianti All Handsewn Maine Guide Ox’ to give them their Sunday name is not a handle that exactly slips off the tongue now is it. But lets be honest, who actually gives a shit what their shoes are called. Furthermore, set aside this lengthy appellation and you’ve got a pair of Yuk’s that reek of full-bodied stitching and a familiar beefy price tag. These testosterone fuelled moccasins feature a hefty Vibram sole that makes them gargantuan to the point of ridicule. However, look…

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  • Clothes

    The Final Engineered Garments SS16 Delivery

    Fix up, look sharp! The Bureau’s final spring/summer Engineered Garments delivery is through the door and on the racks, or perhaps through the door and on the internet machine is the more appropriate terminology these days.…

    18th April 2016
  • Accessories

    The Motivation You’ve Been Searching for …

    Still need to burn off those Wispa Easter Eggs you polished off over the bank holiday weekend? Then here’s the motivation you’ve been searching for; Do some exercise you shithouse; enter a half-marathon and raise £500 for Barnardo’s;…

    11th April 2016
  • Clothes

    March Hunting Jackets from Monitaly

    March is a strange month for menswear. There’s always loads of new season wares to invest in yet it’s two cold to actually wear any of them. Very much like this Vancloth Hunting Jacket from Monitaly which…

    24th March 2016
  • Engineered Garments SS16 Lookbook at The Bureau

    Engineered Garments 1st SS16 Delivery

    The nights are getting lighter, there’s a four day bank holiday in sight, and the 1st Engineered Garments Spring Summer drop has just arrived at the Bureau. What a time to be alive. Our…

    28th February 2016
  • Engineered Garments – Serge Copeland Suit

    Engineered Garments – Serge Copeland Suit

    The bullet has been firmly yet rather apprehensively bitten and I’ve invested in what contemporary menswear-people’s might call a jumpsuit. As most of you will know this is widely regarded as a functional one-piece…

    1st February 2016
  • Clothes

    Katmandu Patchwork Shirt from Kapital

    This patchwork shirt is a bit like one of those dresses girls with dreads wear at Glastonbury.  Apart from it’s for men, and it’s a shirt. Also, hippy lasses wouldn’t pay 220 bar for this, they…

    3rd December 2015