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  • Clothes

    It’s a Dog’s Life @ Free Rain

    It’s a dog jacket, but it’s not for dogs. Well, I suppose it could be for dogs if your dog happens to be the 40 inch chested, 6ft tall Bureau guy. That said, this puppy (sorry) has been…

    23rd November 2015
  • Wool Beanie Hats Inis Meáin

    Winter Kite-Warmers from Inis Meáin

    If you believe everything you read on the Daily Mirror’s social media platforms you could be forgiven for thinking we’ve got some kind of apocalyptic record breaking cold spell around the corner that will…

    12th November 2015
  • Clothes

    Engineered Garments AW15 Highland Parka’s

    Every winter season sees EG release new versions of their Highland Parka, and every year they piss all over the competition. But this season Daiki and his band of contemporary brothers have really pushed the boat…

    22nd September 2015
  • TEN C Olive Parka AW15

    The Best Parka Ever Made? Probably.

    With the amount copy devoted to the Bureau on here you could be forgiven for thinking they pay me for wittering on about their wares, or at least send freebies my way from time…

    28th August 2015
  • Clothes

    Engineered Garments 1st Delivery FW15 Lookbook

    One of the things I really admire about the Bureau (and there are many) is their propensity to recruit an archetypal British looking bloke to model their wares. That’s right, you wont find any preened locks or…

    3rd August 2015