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    Growing Old Gracefully.

    21st March 2016
    Cotton wool tweed cap from Kapital

    I’m totally on board with getting old, it’s an inevitability that simply must be embraced. Fail to accept your maturing exterior and you could well look like Francis Rossi by the time pension age is reached, which is enough put anyone off their dinner and also reinforces the notion that oversized leather outerwear is truly abhorrent. But how do British males compare to their global counterparts in the growing old gracefully stakes. Well if this Japanese silver fox is anything to go by than I’d say we’re distinctly under-par. With a plethora…

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  • Accessories

    The Real McCoy’s N3 Utility Cap

      When it comes to military inspired headwear the Japanese know their doughboys from their garrison caps. And none more so than Tokyo based The Real McCoy’s (no relation to with the crinkle cut…

    28th July 2015
  • 27-02-2014_norseprojects_libertysuedecap_white

    Original Summer Caps from Norse Projects

    I’ve always found locating good headwear rather challenging. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a weird shaped bonse? Although I’m no Beldar Conehead so you’d think there might be something on the market that would suit my napper. I…

    9th June 2014
  • The Brixton Brood Cap

    The Brixton Brood Cap

    Being the follicly challenged fellow that I am, owning some decent headwear is a must. Another month and it’ll be time to leave the beanies in the drawer until autumn, so I thought I…

    13th February 2014