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    Re-Engineered Classics: Converse Chuck Taylor II

    30th July 2015

    Unless you’ve shrunk to the size of a borrower and been helplessly trapped beneath a pair of Reebok pumps for the past fortnight, you will no doubt be aware that Converse released their re-engineered Chuck Taylor’s earlier this week. Since the late Charles H ‘Chuck’ Taylor’s passing in 1969, the brand’s ‘Don’t fuck with the Chuck’ mantra has stood firm. Until now that is. This is the first time there’s been any change to the iconic shoe since 1932 when Taylor’s famous logo…

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    Converse – Jack Purcell Ox ‘First String’

    I’ll refrain from giving you the tiresome ‘History of Converse’ synopsis you tend to regularly find in menswear web copy. I can assure you, there’ll be no attempts to bolster our word count by detailing Chuck Taylors rise to the…

    4th March 2015
  • Converse Vintage Flag 1970s Chuck Taylor All Stars

    Vintage Flag 1970s Chuck Taylor All Stars

    Converse, the boot of choice for band types, ravers and basketball playing folk. A trainer that’s worn until the sole’s falling off and the white canvas resembles a dish cloth dipped in creosote. That’s part of the charm…

    31st May 2014