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    Champion ‘Reverse Weave’ Crewnecks @ TGD

    12th March 2015
    champion clothing reverse weave crewneck

    For those into their heritage sweats ‘Champion’ will be a brand that requires little introduction, but for the benefit of those who might have been sucked in by any of the low budget sportswear tat currently on the market, he’s some blurb to get you back on the straight and narrow … Established by the Feinbloom brothers way back in 1919, Champion invented their first legendary ‘reverse weave’ in 1952 and I’m pleased to see it making a bit of a revival in…

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    Good Measure – The Shirley Crabtree Sweatshirt

    You’ve probably noticed by the general tone on here that we tend to get to the point, tell it how it is, and continuously make references to the weather (must stop doing this).  It will come…

    29th January 2015