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    Roy Comanchero – Lucid Memory EP

    5th December 2014

    I’m sure you can appreciate how I was drawn to a record sleeve featuring a Pugs head emerging from the roof of a Cadillac. However, in over a decade of collecting vinyl, experience tells me that these gimmicky sleeves more often than not result in the music enclosed being a bit shit. Well thankfully this is not the case this debut EP from Roy Comanchero.  Now Roy appears to a be a bit of an unknown entity. The only online literature…

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  • Riccio's - Editorial No. 10 EP

    Riccio’s – Editorial No. 10 EP

    Our last post on Bologna’s edits maestro Riccio featured the release of his ‘Never Go Away’ EP on Slow Town Records and I’m pleased to see him return with a late summer rework on Canadian slow-mo…

    19th September 2014
  • J.A.Z - 'White Girls Can't Rap' Mix

    J.A.Z – ‘White Girls Can’t Rap’ Mix

    Praise the lord for the blessed minister John ‘J.A.Z’ Zahl and his latest mix of eclectic bombs. We first featured reverend Zahl (yes he’s really ordained and everything) on the blog back in February following…

    18th July 2014
  • Music

    Mark E – Product of Industry

    I’ve been on a synth-laden journey of wonderment for the past week and trust me it’s been a real roller-coaster; so much so that it got me thinking that life is a bit like a roller-coaster and you’ve just got…

    10th May 2014
  • Grandbrothers - Ezra Was Right EP

    New Release: Grandbrothers – Ezra EP

    I’ve had such a busy week that I’ve only just got round to giving some of this weeks new tracks a listen. Its been glorious getting my head into new music all morning and…

    16th February 2014
  • JAZ EP Rotating Souls Records

    JAZ – Rotating Souls EP

    Starting today, I’m going to be doing a weekly post sharing my pick of new vinyl releases for that week. I’ll also be hoying in a weekly DJ mix of my choice to get you…

    17th January 2014