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    Festival Essential – Robot Head Power Plus Chargers

    2nd April 2015

    You may remember last years post on ‘Danbo’ the portable ‘robot head charger. It looked a bit like a mini cardboard box that came to the rescue when your technology was running low on juice. Well for those who missed it there’s now a new improved version, which has enough battery life to charge your iPhone, 5 times over (double that of its older sibling). And it’s a darn sight smaller too, which means you can actually fit in your jacket pocket…

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    Art Design

    3Doodler – The first 3D Printing Pen

    Spirograph, Etch-A-Sketch, Pictionary were all two-dimensional arty toys/games that kept me mildly amused during my youth. Fast forward 20 years and the worlds gone 3D mad; 3D film, computer games, TV’s; I mean before you…

    8th September 2014
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    Design Funny Stuff

    The Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter

    Le tour de France, tour de Yorkshire , yellow jerseys, green jerseys  blah, blah, blah. Now le tour de Bolognese with mushrooms, black olives and a cheesy crust … that’s what I’m talking about. Take a tour of…

    10th July 2014
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    Funny Stuff

    The Up Yours Umbrella!

    You may have noticed I’ve rediscovered my love for Firebox this week and with good reason. It’s proper class! If you’re looking for any gadgety they’ll most likely have it. I’ve been looking over the site…

    2nd May 2014