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    Fall Flannels from Gitman Vintage

    19th October 2015
    Gitman Vintage Flannel Shirts To Buy Autumn Winter 2015

    Who’s old enough to remember Scatman John (god rest his soul)? You know him. Produced euro-pop shite in the 90s, wore a daft hat, sported a Bavarian moustache. Well, John always struck me as the type of bloke who was closet flannel wearer and it’s always been my belief that underneath that somewhat bland tailored facade was a statement-shirt wearing prodigy yearning to show off his creative style. Naturally for the purpose of this post I google imaged Scatman John, and…

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    Rough & Tumble Flannel Shirts from Nepenthes

    Have you seen it out there? It’s batten down the hatches, get a Horlicks on the go and lie horizontal on the couch in your fishtail parka weather. Or if you’re sick to the back teeth of olive tones…

    10th November 2014