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    Shorts that wont make you look like a complete shithouse

    22nd June 2015

    In little over a week I head off on an inter-railing trip around Europe. Now I realise this is the kind of excursion you might not expect someone approaching their mid-30’s to embark on, but I’m a pissant, and an immature one at that. My route takes in Paris, Geneva, Bologna, Tisno, Zagreb, Ljubljana , Salzburg and then back to Paris. All in 16 days. A tad ambitious perhaps, but I do like to cram everything in so to dispel…

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  • Cotton Waffle Socks from Folk Clothing

    Fancy Foot Fashion from Folk 

    The rise in popularity of specialist Japanese brands such as Anonymous Ism and Chups have meant a pair of trusty old socks are becoming more of a statement accessory for us blokes. As someone…

    18th May 2015
  • folk1

    Folk SS15 New Arrivals @ Hub

      ‘There’s nowt as queer as Folk’ my mother used to say, and if the bloke slumped outside our front door a few months back asking his jack russell if he had a spare Kit-Kat is…

    23rd February 2015