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    Somethings Will Never Change …

    4th May 2016

    … the world keeps turning, the sun keeps shining, and Gitman continue to defy logic with their bi-annual assemblage of vintage print shirts. My adulation for the Pennsylvania clothiers is so, that I often find myself struggling to put it into words. Therefore, I thought who better to turn to than a highly respected, acclaimed and peculiarly handsome 80s warbler to help me out (when I say handsome I mean in a three sheets to the wind Rafa Benitez /Homer Simpson face-fusion sort of way). Anyway, over to you Mr Billy Joel; Don’t go changing, your elaborate shirting …

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  • Gitman Vintage Flannel Shirts To Buy Autumn Winter 2015

    Fall Flannels from Gitman Vintage

    Who’s old enough to remember Scatman John (god rest his soul)? You know him. Produced euro-pop shite in the 90s, wore a daft hat, sported a Bavarian moustache. Well, John always struck me as the…

    19th October 2015
  • Clothes

    End x Gitman Vintage AW15 Shirting

    Holy chambray shirts, are all the heavy cotton wares hitting the shelves already? It seems to get earlier every year. It’s the time of year when you buy a flannel Gitman even though it’s like…

    20th July 2015
  • m434-99-1

    Gitman Vintage SS15 Shirts

    You’re likely to be labelled a nonce for wearing one of these in Newcastle. Probably why I’ve never bought one then. Having said that, I do own a multitude of questionable shirts that just…

    27th April 2015
  • Accessories Clothes

    AW14 Sale at The Great Divide

    Christmas is done and dusted, New Year is upon us and the winter sales are now in full swing. Ok, so it’s in hope rather than expectation that you’ll be able to shoehorn yourself into…

    31st December 2014
  • Clothes

    Gitman Vintage AW14 at the Great Divide

    Pennsylvania amongst many other things, is home to one of the oldest and largest Amish communities in North America and also the birthplace of acclaimed vintage shirt making family, the Gitman’s. It’s common knowledge that Gitman Vintage manufacture…

    1st October 2014
  • k460-01-gv02_1024x1024

    SS14 Gitman Vintage Pattern Shirts

      You don’t have to be an attention seeking twit to wear one of these, but it helps. They remind me of an old ‘Bent & Corrupt’ pattern shirt I used to wear over…

    27th February 2014