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    Hiut Denim: ‘The First Wash’

    14th May 2015

    If you cast your mind back to last August you may recall a post I published regarding my first Hiut Denim purchase. And as accentuated at the time of writing, Hiut were a brand that had begun to appeal to me for a number of reasons. Some tenable, some not so … Firstly, and probably most importantly some knowledgeable people informed me that apparently Hiut Denim have a bit of a reputation for making decent jeans and 8 months into owning a…

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    ‘Jeans for Life’ From Hiut Denim

    When you buy original denim you tend to get what you pay for. A good fit and well constructed using the best raw materials. This is what we’ve come to expect from established denim…

    14th August 2014