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    March Hunting Jackets from Monitaly

    24th March 2016

    March is a strange month for menswear. There’s always loads of new season wares to invest in yet it’s two cold to actually wear any of them. Very much like this Vancloth Hunting Jacket from Monitaly which slots neatly into this between seasons no-mans land. Founded and conceived by Yuki Matsuda (of Yuketen fame) Monitaly share similar values to most other independent Japanese headed menswear brands with a focus on re-contextualization American heritage products. Think military and utility stylised clothing twinned with clever understated…

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  • Easy Earl Life Jackets

    A Mans Desire for Instant Gratification

    Weather peoples keep telling me it’s been unseasonably warm of this winter, which I’m down with as I’m fairly tuned into the jet stream, low pressure systems shifting north from the azores, and all other relatable…

    7th January 2016
  • Stan Ray USA Military Shirt Jacket

    Stan Ray USA @ TGD

    Stan Ray USA. It sounds like something kids might shout in tandem about their favourite baseball player. Not that I would know mind. I’ve never been to a baseball game. The closest I’ve ever…

    30th November 2015
  • Clothes

    It’s a Dog’s Life @ Free Rain

    It’s a dog jacket, but it’s not for dogs. Well, I suppose it could be for dogs if your dog happens to be the 40 inch chested, 6ft tall Bureau guy. That said, this puppy (sorry) has been…

    23rd November 2015
  • TEN C Olive Parka AW15

    The Best Parka Ever Made? Probably.

    With the amount copy devoted to the Bureau on here you could be forgiven for thinking they pay me for wittering on about their wares, or at least send freebies my way from time…

    28th August 2015
  • Clothes

    ts (s) – AW15 Collection Lookbook

    What’s not to like here? Quality wares for the coming winter season courtesy of the other Suziki brother. Actually while we’re on the subject of keeping it in the family, it’s nice to see…

    27th July 2015