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  • folk1

    Folk SS15 New Arrivals @ Hub

      ‘There’s nowt as queer as Folk’ my mother used to say, and if the bloke slumped outside our front door a few months back asking his jack russell if he had a spare Kit-Kat is…

    23rd February 2015
  • Clothes

    Johnbull Co. Ltd – Denim Shop Coat

    This week see’s a new entry into my ‘get-up’ glossary in the form of this Denim Shop Coat from Japanese workwear brand, Johnbull Co. Now little to my knowledge these dudes have been manufacturing…

    27th January 2015
  • Accessories Clothes

    Poler X Nike SB Autumn/Winter 14

    Last Friday finally saw the release of the highly anticipated collaboration between Nike’s Skateboarding guise (Nike SB) and Oregon’s outdoor clothing experts Poler Stuff. The collection has shrewdly positioned itself somewhere between contemporary street wear and functional, outdoor travel gear.…

    28th November 2014
  • universal works mil parka olive

    Universal Works – Twill Military Parka

    I’ve done it, it’s only taken me 2 months, but I’ve finally taken a punt on a new Winter Coat, and it’s come just in the knick of time as my indecisiveness was becoming unbearable, and…

    26th November 2014
  • Clothes

    Penfield Hoosac Parka from Present London

    I’ve decided to knock ‘T-Shirt Tuesday’ on the head for this week and instead opt for ‘Massive-winter-coat-Tuesday’, a slightly more seasonal alternative to see us into the month of November. Now for those who…

    4th November 2014
  • 11

    Barbour AW14 Jackets from Triads

    Trout fishing in Teesdale, Ravanelli banging in that hat-trick against Liverpool, corned beef and tomato sauce sandwiches, and my Dad’s foisty Northumbria Barbour. Them were days. Fast forward a few decades and the only…

    23rd September 2014