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    Katmandu Patchwork Shirt from Kapital

    3rd December 2015

    This patchwork shirt is a bit like one of those dresses girls with dreads wear at Glastonbury.  Apart from it’s for men, and it’s a shirt. Also, hippy lasses wouldn’t pay 220 bar for this, they would rather make their own patchwork garms out of recycled cotton and tree-bark and shit. I’d buy it though, and not because it’s all buddhist and that. Oh no. I would buy it merely to impress girls. Probably on the bus. Although lasses on the 10A from Prudhoe…

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  • Clothes

    ts (s) – AW15 Collection Lookbook

    What’s not to like here? Quality wares for the coming winter season courtesy of the other Suziki brother. Actually while we’re on the subject of keeping it in the family, it’s nice to see…

    27th July 2015
  • Kapital Bags and Accessories

    The Last of The Japanese Roll Tops ….

    Is just me or did Daniel Day Lewis bear a striking resemblance to Michael Bolton when he starred in ‘The Last of the Mohican’s’? Anyone else see that? Maybe I’m just mistaking a likeness…

    6th July 2015