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    J.A.Z – ‘White Girls Can’t Rap’ Mix

    18th July 2014
    J.A.Z - 'White Girls Can't Rap' Mix

    Praise the lord for the blessed minister John ‘J.A.Z’ Zahl and his latest mix of eclectic bombs. We first featured reverend Zahl (yes he’s really ordained and everything) on the blog back in February following the release of his outstanding self titled EP on Rotating Souls. A few months on and he’s popped up in my soundcloud feed with a selection of records so good, they’d have Stephen Hawking jerking his left cheek till dawn. The ‘White Girls Cant Rap’ mix…

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  • JAZ EP Rotating Souls Records

    JAZ – Rotating Souls EP

    Starting today, I’m going to be doing a weekly post sharing my pick of new vinyl releases for that week. I’ll also be hoying in a weekly DJ mix of my choice to get you…

    17th January 2014