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    Paul Smith X Full Count Japan

    14th March 2016
    Paul Smith X Full Count Denim Collection

    I’ve felt for some time that Paul Smith have been in need of upping their denim game, and what better way to do so than joining forces with acclaimed Japanese denim manufacturers ‘Full Count’ to bring forth a collaboration with an truly authentic workwear feel. Renowned for being meticulous in their manufacturing methods, Full Count deliver an impressive hand-sewn 13.7oz raw selvedge jean, which has been dyed with natural indigo to give a deep rich colour. Woven on vintage Osaka shuttle looms, the denim…

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  • Dawson Denim Selvedge Jeans Christmas Club
    Clothes Lifestyle

    Dawson Denim’s Christmas Club

    You may remember us featuring Dawson on the blog back in July, and I thought it about time to lavish yet more praise on Brighton’s finest independent denim makers. Why? Well, those who buy…

    4th November 2015
  • Clothes

    ‘Jeans for Life’ From Hiut Denim

    When you buy original denim you tend to get what you pay for. A good fit and well constructed using the best raw materials. This is what we’ve come to expect from established denim…

    14th August 2014
  • edwin-ed-88-super-slim-denim-cs-rider-greaser-4_1024x1024-jpgv1379496389

    Quality Bargain Denim for Skinny-ish Lads!

    I can’t remember the last time I purchased some decent denim. The last few pairs of jeans I’ve purchased have been re-hashed black 501’s. Now don’t get me wrong, my Levi’s have been serving…

    30th January 2014